Technical OC classes - TDI

Intro to Tech, Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures, Extended Range, Trimix, Advanced Trimix

Also EAN gas blender, Solo Diver and DPV Diver

Overhead classes – TDI

Cavern, Intro to Cave, Full Cave in OC or CCR


CCR classes for X-CCR, Sub-Gravity Defender, Hammerhead and JJ-CCR

Air Diluent No Deco, Air Diluent Decompression, Helitrox Decompression, Normoxic Trimix.

Advanced Trimix coming soon.......


Course prices shown do NOT include:

  • Training Materials
  • Certification fee
  • Equipment/Tank rentals or gas fills
  • Site entrance fees
  • Transport to/from dive sites

Number of dives/days indicated are the MINIMUM required.
Additional days charged at $300 per day