There are many reasons to hire a local cave diving guide, for instance

  • Newly certified divers needing experience
  • Travelling divers that need a buddy
  • Divers who plan to explore less frequented sites
  • Photographers requiring help with lighting  and assistance with models
  • Experienced divers looking for guidance in finding specific passages or doing complex navigation dives
  • Small exploration teams needing help with logistics including staging, safety divers and cleanup
  • Divers with limited time looking to maximize their time underwater
  • Overseas divers visiting the Florida caves for the first time

I can help out with all these and more. With years of experience diving in the Florida caves I am happy to guide on any type of dive, from cavern tours to multi stage/multi scooter dives on open circuit or rebreather.

Guiding fees are $300 per day and include 2 cave dives at different sites. These dives can be up to 2 hours including deco. Fees do not include your transportation, site fees, gear rental or gas fills.

Cave Systems include Ginnie Springs, Wes Skiles Peacock Sate Park, Little River Springs, Cow Spring, Manatee, Madison, Cow, Hart, Eagles Nest, Diepolder and others through-out north Florida.


me to discuss fees for out of town diving (more than 50 miles from Obrien, FL) including: guiding, special projects, safety diver or dive safety consultant.