I first dove with Rob in Truk Lagoon in 2011 when he taught my Deco/Advanced Nitrox Courses. He was an excellent instructor and then a terrific guide. His ability to sense your level of comfort and your interests and delivery exactly the education or dive experience you need and want is excellent. I caught back up to Rob again recently in Florida Cave Country and dove with him in Ginny Springs for a few days. I was fresh off my cave course and still feeling a bit shaky. Once again his ability to determine what I liked and what I was comfortable with and deliver the perfect dive was awesome! Rob never pushes you more than you want to push yourself, but is always ready to take you to any level you want to achieve as long as it can be accomplished safely. I also witnessed firsthand that his knowledge of the Florida Caves is well beyond even many expert cave divers who regularly seek his advice on routes. If you are looking for a guide or an instructor, Rob should be your man 

Carl K,

USA - December 2011, March 2016



Rob was a great dive buddy during our guided trip to DP3. Solid and confident in the water, he is a natural and I felt as if I had been diving with Rob many times prior. Made the whole experience fun and relaxing without any anxiety about a "new dive buddy" on such an experienced dive. I would recommend Rob to anyone looking for an experienced guide and solid team member.

Anton K,

USA - January 2016



My first dealing with Rob was when I was researching on where and with whom I wanted to begin my journey into technical diving. After many months, my dive buddy and I decided to take Intro to Tech, Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures with Rob McGann in Truk Lagoon.

Rob was extremely friendly, demanding and made sure that every dive was complete safe. Rob was the go to guy on the whole island for technical diving. On that trip and every time I’m in Florida I have met other people that traveled around the world just to dive or train with Rob. I never once heard a single complaint about Rob. In fact every time we pull up to a cave, people come up to me and tell me how lucky I am to be diving with Rob and that I’m in good hands.

Since then I have taken many courses with Rob, such as OC cave, CCR cave. The most important part of technical diving is finding an instructor that brings out the best in you, and that you can trust with your life. Rob is caring, honest, demanding and the best instructor I have ever had. Rob and Cindy have also helped organize and deal with all kinds of problems that have risen with me traveling. They have saved my butt many times.

Thanks for everything Rob and Cindy.

 Derek P

Canada - December 2014, June 2015, November 2015, January 2016



Rob is a great guy, he helped me to get the gear that i wasn´t able to carry with me, he is a really safe guide, with a good briefing and taking care of me and the rest of the group of divers. The dive site selection he made was appropiate for the level of all the divers in the group and specially taking care on the conditions, cause i have a lot of experience in México caves but it was my first time in Florida and i wanted some place kind of "similar" to the conditions i´m used to.

 Pepe M

Mexico – November 2015




Tauchen mit Rob war eine gelungene Abwechslung zum Mickye-Land. Rob führte mich in's Cave-Land ein, zeigte mir Land, Unterwasser und Leute in diesem wunderschönen Gebiet. Seine ruhige Art sowohl über, wie auch unter Wasser genoss ich in vollen Zügen und fühlte mich ab der ersten Sekunde Wohl und sicher an seiner Seite. Ich komme wieder - und klopfe definitiv nochmals bei ihm an..


Diving with Rob was a welcome change for Mickye country. Rob introduced me into Cave-country, showed me land, underwater and people in this beautiful area. His calm manner let me enjoy to the fullest and I felt well and safely from the first second at his side. I'll be back – and will knock on his door without doubt.

Dominik F

Germany – April 2015



In December 2011 my husband and I travelled to the Truk Stop in Truk Lagoon, Chuuk, and had the good fortune to meet Rob McGann and Cindy Hall who were running the dive operation then.

Our stay was a month long adventure. At first I was a little nervous to enter the wrecks, but by the time the month was over, Rob had me squeezing into tight holes, he had made me so comfortable.

Rob McGann is honestly the best guide I have ever had the pleasure to dive with. He is an ace diver who gives everything he's got and he knows to his customer. Rob is friendly, funny, knowledgeable, tireless, and extremely dedicated in his ability to give you one of your best dive experiences ever!

Pat G

Canada - December 2011